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26.10-30.10.2016 PLATFORM(A) for contemporary performing arts

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09.10- 11.10.2016 Situations

07.07.2016 Cultural workers take a stage


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23.06- 26.06.2016 Skopje Pride Weekend

15.06//22.06.2016 „ПРО-КНИЖИ ГО УМОТ” /„BOOKING YOUR MIND“

16.05 – 20.05.2016- Dance installation for children “Museum of Dance”

12.05.2016 Change Itself – An Art Apart: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

14.05.2016 Youth can- “Day of youth activism”

11.04.2016 Kontra Kadar- “Taking sides”

28.03.2016 KONTRA KADAR “Wall- E”

22.03.2016- 03.04.2016 Co- existing program

25.03.2016 Performance “There will be war”

23.03.2016 Meeting point #3

17.03.2016 Promotion of Handbook and Notebook for kindergartens (Generator)

14.03.2016  Kontra Kadar-“Our children”

12.03.2016 Promotion:“NEEDLE AND THREAD”, Tihomir Janchovski

26.02.2016 MOF 5 Years Event of music and performances

23.02.2016 “Unlearned lesson”

19.01.2016 Collective Veternica – Dance Performance for Children

25.12.2015 “Sallonica, City of ghosts

 23.12.2015 Opening of KK

 22.12.2015 Pre- opening